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In 1900 Mr Robert McCracken began a work for God in the village of Plains. At this time Plains was a fairly small mining community.

For 20 years he held a Sabbath School, Bible Class and Gospel Meetings in the small Co-operative hall. However, by 1920, this facility was no longer available to him.

Robert McCracken began to pray that God would provide premises in order that the work in Plains could continue. Many advised Bob that the building of a hall in Plains was "out of the question".

Bob, however, trusted implicitly in a mighty God who is the God of the impossible.

He gained permission to demolish two disused brick chimneys at local collieries to provide bricks for the proposed Mission hall. Over 14000 bricks were transported to the site of the new building in October 1920, with a further 14,000 being delivered shortly after. After months of hard work and many unforeseen difficulties, the building was completed and opened on 26th March 1921.

Plains Evangelical Church

The God of the impossible has maintained a witness in the village of Plains from that day until this. Christ's ongoing work however, depends on active steps of faith and so, on 5th November 1995, Plains Mission Hall became a full-time independent church serving Christ in the village of Plains.

Shortly after this the name was changed to Plains Evangelical Church, to reflect this step of faith.

The new Plains Evangelical Church was led by three Elders; William McCracken, Jim Jack and Alan McKnight.

The church has continued to see God really bless by extending his work in more ways than one.

Many have been saved and have come to Jesus personally and the church has also completed a major renovation and extension of the building in October 1998. The building work involved extending the length of the building to the east side, creating a new Kitchen and two additional rooms as well as enabling a full refurbishment of the rest of the building.

The Lord has continued to bless and to encourage his people to move on in faith believing that he has a mighty work to do in the village of Plains. To that end the Church believed that the Lord had prompted them to call their first full-time Pastor.

our first pastor

On the 24th March 2001, almost 80 years to the very day that the building was established, the church inducted Alan McKnight, one of the serving Elders, as the church's first full-time Pastor.

recent years

Since then, Plains Evangelical Church has become an affiliated member of the FIEC, maintaining its independency as a local church but networking with other independent likeminded churches.

In 2016, Plains Evangelical called its second Pastor, Mark Nelson.

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